Cathedral of The Good Sheppard

This is the headquarters of the San Sebastian Diocese, which belongs to the Archdiocese of Pamplona. The most renowned religious building in the capital of Gipuzkoa, it exhibits strong verticality and is the largest in Gipuzkoa. It was constructed at the end of the nineteenth century in a historicist neo-gothic style. Since 1953 it has had the status of Cathedral.

The Spanish royal family, who were summering in the city, were invited to lay the first stone. The ceremony took place on 29 September 1888. The Queen Regent, María Cristina, her children and prince Antonio de Orleans y Borbón, together with ministers and other authority figures attended the solemn Mass held by diocesan prelate D. Mariano Miguel Gómez in the temporary parish church of the Sagrado Corazón. At the end of the ceremony, the royal procession moved to the site of the new church and they laid the first stone that covered a lead box, this box held the portraits of the Pope and the Royal family, several coins of the time and examples of the Madrid Gazette and the Ecclesiastical Bulletin. The record of the ceremony was signed by the boy king Alfonso XIII who was two years and four months old, so his mother had to hold his hand as this was the first time that the monarch had stamped his signature on an official document.

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