Spa La Perla

La Perla Thalassotherapy is the natural heir of the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque of San Sebastián. More than a century ago, Queen María Cristina set in the city the center of summer vacation of the Royal House. Seabathing was part of the refined pleasures of vacationers, a pleasure that linked the therapeutic effects to the relaxation and well-being. In La Concha with the awarded title of “Royal Beach”, La Perla was inaugurated, a wooden spa which would be replaced in 1912 by the new spa, pointed as one of the most beautiful in the world by the newspapers. The ocean Pearl took advantage of its facilities to deliver health and serenity.
It is a good way to relax on your holiday or for weekend getaways. In the reception of the campsite you will get 20% discount on the purchase of your tickets to La Perla Spa.

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